3 Replies to “Fifty shades of prostate cancer: You can have surgery to open prostate to improve urinary stream before radiation but not after.”

    1. Any of the procedures that open the channel for improving voiding symptoms secondary to obstructive prostate enlargement. TURP, Microwave, or Laser Vaporization. So if a guy was adamant about having radiation and had significant obstructive voiding symptoms (which would potentially worsen those symptoms) then one solution would be to correct the obstructive anatomy “before” the radiation. The other option is to have the prostate removed from the get go and ” kill two prostates with one stone.” Thanks for your comment. Jm


      1. Thanks John! this explains a lot for me as had radiation 3 years ago and TURP 6 months ago along with bladder tumors, with continued bladder stones. We live and learn. Enjoy the Holiday! Gary


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