3 Replies to “Dirty little prostate cancer secret: often times sexual function preservation is better with surgery than with radiation. Do you know why?”

  1. Dear John.
    Its good to hear that your prostate cancer is not that bad. I have a father diagnosed with prostate cancer and metastases to liver and lungs. We do not know what to do in our situation. How is the treatment of your doctors? Do you feel taken care of?


  2. Prostate disease may be among the most common problems that men of all ages experience, but many young men don’t know what a prostate was, or if they had one. Over half the men could not name a single symptom they might experience if they had a prostate problem. I had to deal with strong prostate symptoms and I am glad it was not cancer, I was diagnosed with bph and the urologist prescribed me alpharise for it. It helped me


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