Northeast Georgia Urology Group in Gainesville Offers Out Patient GreenLight Laser Surgery for Prostate Enlargement

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green light before and after

When I began my urological practice in Gainesville, Georgia 27 years ago the standard surgical procedure for the prostate was a T.U.R.P. (Some patients refer to the procedure as having a “roto rooter.”)  This procedure at that time took about an hour, and most patients were admitted to the hospital for 2-3 days. It was often times a bloody procedure and as a result patient’s were advised after the procedure to not do any strenuous activity for about a month because of risk of bleeding.

The GreenLight Laser usually takes about half the time of a T.U.R.P. because there is very little bleeding and there are no chips (shaving of the prostate tissue which a T.U.R.P. results in) to irrigate out of the bladder and there is very little bleeding for which the surgeon to contend. In addition this can be done as an out patient, and the catheter remains usually for only one day. The limitations regarding post operative activity is a lot less with the laser.

The Green Light Laser has been used by the Urologists at the Northeast Georgia Urological Surgery Center  for several years. The qualities of the laser demonstrated in the video below make this form of treatment well suited for out patient Ambulatory Surgery.  Patients customarily have the procedure done and are in the recovery room less than an hour, go home with a catheter which can be removed in one to two days.

Northeast Georgia Urological Associates use the XPS GreenLight laser which is the latest version of the GreenLight and is associated with less operating time, less bleeding and fewer post operative symptoms.

If you are a male who is having obstructive voiding symptoms of slow stream, hesitancy, or straining to urinate you may benefit from this procedure. Patients with irritative symptoms of an enlarged prostate such as frequency,  urgency, or getting up at night may also benefit from this procedure.

“A couple of things, says Dr. McHugh. Most men who undergo the GreenLight laser have been tried on oral medications and for one reason or the other failed. Secondly, like any procedure the results are not always perfect. There are patients whose prostate is not well suited to the GreenLight. There are patients who for whatever reason the laser energy is very aggravating to the prostatic urethra and this results in a longer than usual course of  irritative symptoms. I do recommend the GreenLight to my patients, however I want to be sure they have tried the available medications for prostate enlargement and that they understand the potential of the irritative effects of the laser energy on the prostatic urethra.”

Dr. McHugh routinely performs GreenLight Laser surgery in his ambulatory surgery center.

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