two songs – two eras – same kinda girl – and man did my mom love sinatra

Lady and the tramp meets Virginia!

Prostate Diaries

I love  Sinatra’s version of The Lady is a Tramp.” I love the kind of girl and person it  represents. When  I told my daughter that the song I’d recommend for her Debutante dance be that song it puzzled her and everyone else.” Why would you choose that one daddy. I’m a tramp?” Well…read and listen more  closely. Then it dawned on  me that another favorite of mine was “Meet  Virginia” and for the very same reason.

On one of the first dates with  my wife at about eleven at night and before dessert, she ordered coffee. I was a junior in  college and had never heard of anyone having coffee in the middle of the night and before dessert. I know  it’s done, I am saying to me  at the time it was quirky. I liked it. A “tangential kinda person.” “Edgy” ” I don’t roll that way” ” Beat…

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