Question: Would the Interstim device from Medtronics help post prostatectomy incontinence like it does for female urinary incontinence? Northeast Georgia Urology

The InterStim and PTNS device both stimulate the nerve at the S3 foramen to “quite” the badder and improve urinary frequency.

Prostate Diaries

Usually not. But there  is a situation where it could be of value. But first an overview of incontinence as it pertains to the male, the sphincter, the bladder, and the body with and without a prostate. The following is an excerpt from my book and explains the caveat about an overactive bladder in the face of a recent prostatectomy. The Medtronic Interstim device can be placed in a test fashion as an  out patient. I have inserted dozens over the years, not in a post prostatectomy patient, and when it works- it works very well and negates the need for medications that are either partially effective or have pesky side effects (dry mouth and constipation).  This Medtronic video on Facebook is actually quite informative and explains the physiology of this situation.

  • the most common type of incontinence after prostatectomy is stress incontinence-you leak with activity
  • there is also total…

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