Bill Aucoin, Kiss, Billy Idol, Cutthroat Trout, and Post Modern Music, Fly fishing, and of course that ole chestnut…Prostate cancer.

Prostate Diaries

Each fall  for about 15 years some friends and I went hiking and fishing out west to some of the nicest trout waters and areas in the world. Above is one of my favorite pictures. On this particular occasion we were in Idaho on the Selway river in the Bitteroot Wilderness very near where Lewis and Clark traversed in the early 1800”s.  Several things about this picture. One to get to this spot we flew in by bush plane and then hiked three or so days with backpacks to get to about three miles from this spot. Me and one of my of fellow fisherman hiked the additional  several miles from our base camp with just our fly rods to get to there. The fisherman there is me…the rod is a Orvis 5 wt. fly rod with a Battenkill real and 3 lb. tippet. I was using “terrestrials” or “hoppers” that I had tied before the trip. What you see…

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