A low or normal PSA and still have prostate cancer? You bet!

Oh that quirky PSA!

Prostate Diaries

 The article below is one of the few times I have actually seen written the concept of a low PSA and prostate cancer. Why is it important?

Because often times men will have a physical exam by their family doctor and everything is checked but the prostate by rectal exam. (Remember the article that stated that 70% of men have never had a rectal exam.)

How does this happen and why? Well men don’t like a rectal exam. The family doctor gets a PSA with his normal blood work along with the chemistries, CBC, etc and it comes back normal. The patient is told that the PSA is normal and it ends there. Everybody is happy, the doctor did not have to do the rectal exam (doctors don’t especially like doing the exam either…that’s why there is a specialty called Urology) the patient did not have to have the exam…

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