Team Winter/ Athletes for a Cure- Is this not just the most moving thing ever?

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Prostate Diaries

Winter’s Page
Michael’s Journey-Note the reference to Polka music

I wanted to add Michael Vinecki to my list of Famous and Interesting Men with Prostate Cancer. Here’s the deal with Listmania…there has to be a product on Amazon to be listed. ( That’s how I got on the list….not famous but some might argue interesting.) So having noted the Polka music reference, besides me thinking of that scene in “Home Alone” where the mother(Catherine O’Hara) gets home to her son( Macaulay Culkin) in a van with a bunch of Polka musicians (John Candy). I added Michael Vinecki by searching the “Versatones” and got the group referred to that he played with and received a Grammy Award which Mrs. Vinecki refers to.

I am sure you will be moved as I was to this story, I’ve joined the site and look forward to following her progress.

Eddie Blazonczyk’s Versatones

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