What should I expect after a prostate biopsy checking for prostate cancer because of an elevated PSA?

Fever after a prostate biopsy is serious business. Notify your urologist at the earliest sign of any temperature change!

Prostate Diaries

  • There will blood places and that is normal. Blood at the tip of your penis, blood when you urinate, blood with bowel movements, and blood in your semen if you are sexually active. Blood is expected and rarely a problem and almost always limited in duration. As a rule, don’t worry about the blood. Urology tip: blood at the beginning of the urinary stream and then clears as you void is prostate in origin a rarely associated with complications or difficulty voiding because of clots. Spotting of blood on your underwear or pajamas in the morning when you awake is expected.
  • If you have trouble voiding to the point that you are uncomfortable, that is something to be concerned about. If you get really full and uncomfortable you need to make your way to an Emergency Room. This usually means you had some underlying early prostate enlargement that has been exacerbated by…

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