holy bloody mess batman!….the bleeding scrotum capo…i mean caper…tmi?

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Prostate Diaries

Guitar Capo-Or as my mother used to say, ” Necessity is the mother of invention.”

When I was a urology resident I had to do a research paper on Fournier’s gangrene. I got somehow the original article on the subject by Mr. Fournier himself. It was in French and much to the chagrin of the chairman of the Dept. of Urology, it cost something like 500 dollars to translate it. Fournier’s is an interesting and devastating disease process. Two things are remarkable about it: one it can start as a small scratch on the scrotum and in hours infection can devour tissue from the scrotum and then up onto the abdominal tissue and skin (an infection that gallops) and despite all the destruction, the testicles themselves are spared. Why? The skin of the scrotum and that of the testicles are different so the testicles are unaffected. Think of a forest…

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