Two new questions about prostate cancer:Libido and Free PSA

Two questions and an art project!

Prostate Diaries

This is a shadow box I made for a charity auction a couple of years ago. A clock made with Viagra stuff that drug reps had given me over the years. The guy that bought it, brought by for me to autograph it.  I called it …”Hard Times.” The plaque near the hammer says, “In hard times…break glass.” Ps…should have never sold it …it was too clever and valuable to sell.

  • Does a prostatectomy change a man’s libido? No. Libido is in a male is a function of the hormone testosterone and that is produced by the testicles and hence not affected.
  • My free PSA is low. Should I have a biopsy? Well, do put some credence to what your doctor recommended. Remember him or her? The lower the free PSA the higher the likelihood of a positive biopsy. When you get  the report back there will be a percentage beside…

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