Gainesville Georgia Urologist’s Prostate Cancer Blog Surpasses 100,000 Views.

That was 400,000 views ago.

Prostate Diaries

When we go to the lake the first order of business is to divide a can of chunky Alpo between Chloe and Penelope. Penelope first and Chloe sweet as she is then walks around behind me and waits for the second portion after Penelope begins. The the two dog begin their routine. For Penelope it is run as fast as she can over the whole property to “russel up” either a squirrel or a deer. Chloe slowly ambles to the cove in the left hand corner facing out to her spot.

Chest deep in the water and then begins to bite at the water and drinking at the same time. Wades around dipping and biting but never going completely under or swimming. Then out and up into the grass to shake and then to wriggle on her back for a nice back rub. Then to the top of the grassy area to a…

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