risk calculator for prostate cancer….would my numbers have changed anything? is this a circle and we end up where we were i.e. a certain percentage chance of prostate cancer? at what percentage does one “pull da trigger?”

At what percentage chance of something… Would you act? How about breast cancer and your daughter? Huhhhhhhhhhh?

Prostate Diaries

“And the universe is a lot like the earth, if you go straight around you end up where you were, and the universe is a lot like the earth….”
Modest Mouse
So I put my numbers in the risk calculator and come up with a 41% chance of prostate cancer. The only abnormality or risk  was a slightly elevated PSA. So…we are back to doing a biopsy on an elevated PSA…what did this do for us?
For years I have been offering the Free PSA to patients who felt they needed more evidence to proceed to biopsy or were “biopsy reluctant”. It almost always comes back somewhere in the middle…i.e. “You have a 18% chance of a positive biopsy.” It doesn’t help that much…so it’s 18%…what would you do? You still don’t know what percentage of 100 “you” are.
Now about me…I had the elevated PSA and was…

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