Prostate cancer and the three kinds of lies….lies, damned lies, and statistics! Facts from the American Cancer Society but nothing about death. What?

Are blinded studies for the blind?

Prostate Diaries

Yes that’s my dog Chloe licking the grill as the coals are heating up in the green egg as Penelope enviously looks on. Yes I did put the grill grate back on the egg and then cooked a pork  tenderloin on it. Yes it did not bother me or mine a bit. How about you? I sent  this picture to the nurse manager of my Ambulatory Surgery Center and she was aghast. “That picture  was so wrong,” she said.

Relative Survival Percentage for prostate cancer at five years is 99%. What in the hell does that mean?

So…in the following article the RSP given by the “epidemiologist’s” at the American Cancer Society is 99% for prostate cancer. Why in the world did I go to the trouble of treating my prostate cancer? What was I thinking? A 1% of dying of prostate cancer and I went through the surgery and leaking urine…

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