Don’t you dare let that mean ole urologist biopsy your prostate for profit!

Seeding. Good question, reasonable assumption…. But not proven.😥😰😅😓😩😫😨😱

Prostate Diaries

It’s funny… Richard Ablin  kept on referring to all the money that urologists make doing biopsies and PSAs. When people start striking right at the money that ” those rich doctors” make, I’m sorry, I just tune out. To me this mindset has a preconceived notion that then flavors and influences that person’s view of the whole subject. I believe it taints it.  I received a delightful comment earlier today and in it there was mention ” tumor seeding.” It is a very common question and concern of patients of mine. The correct answer to the question is that tumor seeding from the prostate at the time of prostate biopsy has not been proven or shown to occur. Does that mean it hasn’t happened? No. Maybe it has.  It took about two seconds to find a discussion on seeding and how bad the urologist is for not telling everybody that he could…

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