Prostate cancer treatments, sexual dysfunction, incontinence, and ….oh yea will it cure me of the disease.

Designer diapers?

Prostate Diaries

don't punish a child for bed wetting....even the lowliest of animals will not sleep in their own urine.... don’t punish a child for bed wetting….even the lowliest of animals will not sleep in their own urine….

I ‘m the one in the blue diapers- When it comes to prostate cancer treatment decisions the likelihood of cure is only one of the factors to take in consideration. ps…I made the diapers out of the corner of the envelope the card came in….clever huh?

Prostate Cancer Treatments Often Cause Side Effects

05 Feb 2013

Prostate Cancer Study Tracks Long-term Urinary, Sexual and Bowel Function Side Effects Following Therapy

A new study comparing outcomes among prostate cancer patients treated with surgery versus radiotherapy found differences in urinary, bowel and sexual function after short-term follow-up, but those differences were no longer significant 15 years after initial treatment.

The study, led by first author Matthew Resnick, M.D., instructor in Urologic Surgery, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, was published in the Jan. 31 issue of…

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