Prostate cancer and Urology joke #2

Careful for what you wish for.

Prostate Diaries

So… a guy goes into a bar and in front of the bartender on the counter is a tiny little man playing a tiny little piano.

“That’s neat. Where did you get that little fellow?” he asks the bartender.

“There’s a Genie in the closet over there that will grant you wish,” the bartender replies.

The customer goes over to the closet and when he comes out a million ducks start falling from the sky.

“Hey, what’s up with that Genie of yours? I asked for a million bucks, not ducks,” the customer says.

“Well duh?” the bartender says. ” You think I made a wish for a 12 inch pianist?”

Someone reviewed my book on amazon and said it was unprofessional, that the drawings looked like they had been done by a child, the printing was bad, there were no statistics, that it had too many personal stories, that she could…

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