Prostate cancer, Boy Scouts, Wood Badge and Matchtop Twenty

Boy don’t make me change my tone….

Prostate Diaries

Years ago I was an assistant scout master in my son’s troop here in Gainesville, Ga.  Sam ultimately did achieve his Eagle Scout and as the Grateful Dead said, ” what a long strange trip it had been.”

So to better my ability to help the troop and my son, I agreed to take a “masters of scouting” program known as Wood Badge. This involved four weekends of relatively intense training regarding everything scouting. We were to be at Scoutland (A large parcel of land that abuts Lake Lanier and is home to scouting in our area. It is very nice, large and has lots of land, trees, water and provides all the stuff that scouts need to have and  love to do) at 6 pm on Friday and we stayed there until Sunday at 6pm. What you do is dress as if you are a scout and are treated…

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