How would you grade your “biopsy urologist?” Did you keep him or her or did you move on?

Be kind to your urologist-be like Bill Withers-“Let me give you the news, if it feels this good being used…Then use me up.” Don’t discard the urologist, “use” him.

Prostate Diaries

Show some loving to the  “biopsy urologist” post. It may behoove you.

I wrote this post some time ago.  I had noticed how many times on the various prostate cancer message boards that patients got their diagnosis, made a decision and then went elsewhere.  In many of the discussions the “biopsy urologist” was never mentioned, a technician so to speak.

A couple of things. Why not keep the lines of communication open with the original urologist? He or she might be a good resource for the future.  In general I don’t think the urologist is “upset,” ” offended,” or “disappointed” if you do something else other than his recommendation, or done by someone else other that him or her. I really believe this, yet I know it’s not true for all.  So no reason to burn a bridge. If you have to go out-of-town to be treated (no matter what the…

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