did you know this?- about prostate cancer

Are you smarter than a fifth grader whose father has had prostate cancer?

Prostate Diaries

Please add in the comment section something you did not know and now you do, maybe something you wished you’d known at the beginning of your “decision” process. 

For me in this category would be this….. the robotic removal of the prostate is usually done intraperitoneal and the open method is extraperitoneal. This means that the anastomosis is done differently and many times means that the robotic method takes longer for the continence to return. This is purely anecdotal, but the patients in whom I have removed the prostate open seem to return to continence much sooner. I personally did alright but was surpised and a bit worried that it took three months for me to become dry. I am very grateful to be dry, very but it was dicey there for a while.

Excerpt from ” The Decision”

Did you know?

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