Who regrets prostate cancer treatment decision more-the radiation or the surgery patient?

There is no free ride in the decision ramifications in the treatment of prostate cancer. Do your due diligence “before” the treatment. What complications can you bear the least?

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I think there are some pretty unhappy and angry people on both sides. If you got the “rare complication” of either treatment you wish you’d done the other!

If you do bad with surgery you blame the urologist. If you do bad with the radiation you blame the radiation. Big difference.😳

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8 Replies to “Who regrets prostate cancer treatment decision more-the radiation or the surgery patient?”

  1. I decided to have the surgery two years ago and after two years my PSA came back up (0.18). I am 52 and I recovered well in almost every way from the surgery. Very minor leakage issues. Recurrence was always a possibility because the tumor had started to escape the capsule. I started radiation today. I still think I made the proper decision first. Surgery after radiation doesn’t seem as good an option. I am truly grateful for your book being out there.


  2. I just had a RP 2 months ago. PSA tested yesterday is 0.03
    Doctor said he would test it again in 6 weeks.
    Said that because my cancer was on the margin and not encapsulated, there is a chance prostate cell may have remained and PSA may creep up again in which case I would need radiation.
    What PSA level becomes worrying? Should it be 0.0000?
    I am continent expect for a couple of drops every week or more.
    Haven’t tried any sexual activity – worried about pain and urine leakage during intercourse.
    Should I worry about radiation should I need one?


    1. The lowest number following RP using the ultra sensitive PSA is .015. I have had patients who had a slightly higher number but then it stayed stable for years. So hopefully your low number is the .03. Your next PSA will help determine that. I’d proceed with sex, I bet your wife will be very understanding about potential urine loss-urine is sterile by the way. Finally if it does come to needing radiation therapy, it is much easier to tolerate without a prostate. I wish you well. JM


      1. Thanks a lot John. Since the radiation in my case, should I need one, would be a lot less then in the case of it being the main treatment, would there be side effects on continence and erectile function?


      2. Hi John,
        Sorry I couldn’t find an answer for this or where to post the question, so I’m asking it here.
        Following my RP, I had a lymphocele that developed into a major infection. Luckily, it was dealt with just in time – full anesthesia and lots of liquid sucked out, then 2 weeks in hospital with catether till liquid dropped down to 0 ml in 24 hrs.
        I was sent home, went back for pelvic sonography 10 days later that confirmed no more accumulation of lymphatic liquid.
        My doctor had said that once out it’s out, with a 5% chance of recurrence. Is it fair to assume it’s over now?
        My first doctor had suggested I go for lymphatic massage. My second doctor said it was the worst thing to do, and I think I am sticking to the 2nd advice.


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