Prostate diaries has over 180,000 views a year-Here are the top links for a recent day’s activity.


A little knowledge is a "mighty" dangerous thing.

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When is a prostate nodule a nodule and do nodules always mean prostate cancer? More stats 96
the dreaded prostate biopsy revealed More stats 75
Home page / Archives More stats 66
Can you get cancer from having sex with a man who has prostate cancer?…Part Two-response to a comment. More stats 55
holy bloody mess batman!….the bleeding scrotum capo…i mean caper…tmi? More stats 53
“But I had radiation for my prostate cancer over 5 years ago!” Blood and clots in the urine after radiation for prostate cancer. More stats 31
Flooding around my catheter, blood around my catheter after a radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer More stats 21
If an elevated PSA goes down after antibiotics does that mean you don’t have prostate cancer? More stats 19
Wives/partners More stats 16
My bladder spasm experience More stats 13
high psa and normal prostate biopsy-what does that mean? well that you don’t have prostate cancer…maybe. More stats 10
watch out dr oz and live rectal exams…live prostate biopsies on patients doing impersonations. Which do you like the best? Please comment. More stats 8
Prostate cancer question for Prostate Diaries: Can you have sex the morning of a prostate biopsy? More stats 8
Reed’s prostate cancer journey process More stats 8
What should I expect after a prostate biopsy checking for prostate cancer because of an elevated PSA? More stats 7
Is the Madajet injector better than using a needle in No Scalpel vasectomies? More stats 6
Dr. Jo-An’s Sexuality Survey More stats 6
My biopsy experience More stats 5
Question: Urine leaks around catheter after prostatectomy. Is this normal? More stats 5
Did Vince Flynn die of prostate cancer because of too little screening or too much? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? More stats 5
Prostate cancer diagnosed too late to cure…how can this be? More stats 5
The significance of the Gleason’s Score and why we “CAN” tell the difference between the slow growing and the bad kind in prostate cancer. The dirty little secret? You have to do the biopsy to know. More stats 5
The anatomy of the prostate- “Water and Nerves” More stats 4
Why do men leak urine after having the prostate removed for prostate cancer? More stats 4

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