prostate cancer and “youth is wasted on the young” and a thousand words are worth a picture.

Just a story about a picture and the past…I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then!

Prostate Diaries

we named our children after towns we've never been to... we named our children after towns we’ve never been to…

So it is the fall of 1979 and I am a junior medical student at The Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. I am to be married to my current wife in December of the same year. Because of this I had to scramble to have a place to live for the three months of that fall quarter (did not make sense to sign on to something for a year- I only needed three months). So some friends of mine who lived in a very nice home in which they divided rent by about five agreed to let me live in the living room for three months. I may have had a mattress, I did not have a bed or a bathroom and as I write this I really don’t remember where or how I bathed, ate or slept and went…

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