What is Gleason’s score? If you have been told you have prostate cancer and you don’t know…get a second opinion.


What is Gleason’s score?-Click Here

Here’s the thing…if you want to have your prostate removed because you’ve been told you’d be “done with it” that might not necessarily be true. If your cancer is Gleason’s 8 and you elect to remove the prostate there is still a significant chance you’ll still need radiation. Knowing this and that you may not be “done with it” would you consider having radiation from the get go? It would make a difference to me.

Here’s your homework…go to the Johns Hopkins website for prostate cancer and plug your numbers into the Partin table app. This will tell you the chance you’ll need radiation if you choose to have the prostate removed first.

Will this help in the decision making process? You bet your bottom dollar!


2 Replies to “What is Gleason’s score? If you have been told you have prostate cancer and you don’t know…get a second opinion.”

  1. I’m not sure what the common practice is in the States but in Australia…well at least the capital cities….when there is high grade cancer (indicated by Gleeson and PSMA PET) the surgeons seem to recommend removal and 33 radiation sessions not long after. However, a bit of very new debate in Australia seems to have emerged from specialist prostrate radiologists encouraging in some cases radiation rather than removal…be interesting to see how this develops. My husband had robotic removal but needed to delay radiation due to an infection following surgery that went to his pelvic bone area. With high scores on both tests and the cancer not contained with the prostrate there seemed no other option.


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