The more things change the more they stay the same.

One of the most common points made in a review of my book “The Decision” on Amazon is that it did not mention a particular treatment in detail. Treatments such as Proton therapy or some other newer form or shorter course of radiation.

Here’s the dirty little secret: It still boils down to whether you want to remove the prostate or use some form of energy to treat it “where it lies.” (Is that the right form of the word, as my mother would say, “you lay something down.”) Keeping this in mind, the newer treatments are variations of a theme.

Case in point, the majority of prostatectomies are now done with the “robot.” So, that is still surgery and you still have the same issues of incontinence, impotence and cure to consider.

What is new? Well the MRI helps with the biopsy and it helps potentially decided to go with radiation vs. surgery. But then again, you are back two basically two big choices…just like ten years ago.

I’ll walk you through it over the next few posts. It ain’t a lot different from years ago.

4 Replies to “The more things change the more they stay the same.”

  1. Thanks John — looking forward to hearing what’s new on the non-surgical treatment front, and if the numbers are proving that robotic surgery is really decreasing side effects (impotence and incontinence) as well as morbidity. Or is open surgery still what some are opting for?


  2. I wondered about that – – a fellow here at LVE did the proton in Carolina – – it took a treatment 5 days a week for 4 to 6 weeks.

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  3. Has anyone heard of cryotherapy for treating prostate cancer? My husband had a Gleason score of 6, prostate biopsy with 3 out of 12 positive for cancer.


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