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Life is short and the Art long….Osler

The Two Jokes…in spoken word…

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Don’t make the mistake of sending a patient to another doctor…for a condition you treat. Embarrassing.


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BPH or benign prostatic enlargement of the prostate is not cancer. BPH causes urinary symptoms manifested by a slow stream. Prostate cancer may or may not be accompanied by BPH. This is why the male wrongly assumes that not having voiding symptoms means that he doesn’t have prostate cancer. This misconception has probably done more to delay the diagnosis of prostate cancer than any other “prevailing notion” of this disease.

The surgical treatment of prostate cancer is to remove the prostate. This why the potential of incontinence and impotence exists. The surgery affects the nerves and the bladder neck and prostate’s contribution to continence.

GreenLight Laser or other treatments for BPH enlarge the channel through the prostate by removing only a “core of apple” and this in turn improves the stream. Impotence and incontinence  are unusual in the treatment of BPH.

And now you know the “rest” of the story. In the video below I have created a wider channel through the prostate to improve this patient’s stream using the GreenLight. The majority of the prostate remains after a TURP or a GreenLight Laser prostatectomy.



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Modified Two-Layer Technique with 9-0 suture and Zeiss Operating Microscope

Modified Two-Layer Technique with 9-0 suture and Zeiss Operating Microscope

For those who prefer to listen instead of read.

If you are a urological resident with an interest in this procedure and have not had the exposure to using the microscope necessary to perform it…let me know. I can be of “some” help to you.

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There is no fury like a urethra scorned.

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Some patients sometimes think that because they pay for a doctor’s service, that they own them.

Did you know that doctors can “fire” patients?

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The management side of being a physician revealed.

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