Urological Wit and Wisdom: God Must Have Been a Urologist

Why don’t all medical students want to be a urologist?

Urological Wit and Wisdom on Amazon.com

2 Replies to “Urological Wit and Wisdom: God Must Have Been a Urologist”

  1. Ok,
    So I am 2 years out in june from davinci surgery, stage 2, gleason of 6, best possible otucomes. Surgeon said I was a rock star whatever thats worth. Psa less than 1 this past week at annual urology exam. So he does a rectal exam and says he’s looking for nodules. No one had said a word about that before that I can remember. Research so far is scant. Has anyone had any experince with this?


    1. When he said nodule he was referring to palpating a recurrence of the prostate cancer. The PSA although somewhat mercurial pretreatment of prostate cancer, is very reliable post treatment i.e. a negligible PSA means no recurrence of disease. In my humble opinion the rectal exam post prostatectomy and with a very low PSA yields very little. JM


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