Cocaine and urology

From "101 Aphorisms, adages, and illustrations for the urological resident and nascent physician." 109. The Only Thing E.N.T. Has over Urology is Cocaine   One day in the urology clinic the intern I have previously mentioned in this book (the one that told the BS-ing older patient that he should treat his impotence by abstaining …

Prostate cancer second opinion with another urologist? Yes-A good idea.

Second opinions may limit not eliminate poor decision making.

The Real Prostate Cancer Second Opinion Site

Prostate Diaries

An angry man is again angry with himself when he returns to reason. ~Publilius Syrus

In my book I mention that a second opinion is a good idea once the urologist tells you that you have prostate cancer. I add that it is probably best to get a second opinion with a radiation therapist, i.e you already have spoken with a urologist.

Well…one of the things that happens now on a routine basis is that folks present to my office for a second opinion about what to do about their newly diagnosed prostate cancer. What happens is the patient searches for information about prostate cancer and invariably they find my book on Amazon or by virtue of Prostate Diaries (which surprisingly has a very large internet footprint)and  then make an appointment for the second opinion. I have seen folks from all over and it has been very rewarding. It is…

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How can one predict the need for radiation after having the prostate removed for prostate cancer?

If you are choosing to have a prostatectomy because "you'll be cured" Or if you think that you'll have the option of having radiation if cancer comes back Or if you think "well if I have the prostate surgery I can have radiation but not vice versa" Or if you think one or the other …

poor ole active surveillance-the rodney dangerfield of prostate cancer treatments-don’t get no respect

This may surprise you but the patient drives the decision-making process. I can tell you there are patients who "want it out" from the get go and others that from the get go are suspicious of doctors and surgery and opt for surveillance. This article and others paint the male patient as a dumb malleable creature …