Another person that would have benefited by prostate cancer awareness and screening.

Chloe and Saint Francis of Assisi

Why does this keep happening?- Is the anti-screening and anti PSA rhetoric perpetuating the myth that all prostate cancers are slow growing and don’t kill? The article says,”diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer.” How can that be? Richard Ablin PhD. where are you?

Former Newcastle owner Sir John Hall has incurable prostate cancer

• ‘It’s another battle I’m going to fight’ says Hall
• Newcastle’s promotion to Premier League ‘gave me a lift’

Sir John Hall Sir John Hall shares a joke with the former Newcastle striker Alan Shearer in 1996. Photograph: David Hewitson

The former Newcastle United owner Sir John Hall has confirmed that he has been diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer.

The 77-year-old is best remembered by Newcastle fans for overseeing Kevin Keegan’s reign as manager, when the likes of David Ginola, Alan Shearer and Les Ferdinand helped the club to challenge for the league title.

Hall also took control of the city’s rugby union team, the Falcons, during the mid to late 1990s, seeing them win the Premiership title in 1998.

Hall was quoted on the Newcastle Chronicle website as saying: “I just went for a routine test and found out I had aggressive prostate cancer.

“Since then I’ve just been trying to come to terms with it. I will need to go in for treatment. I’ll be having radiotherapy.

“I’ve been in for X-rays on the cancer ward and had it confirmed. It’s another battle I’m going to fight. They can’t cure it, all they can do is try and slow it down.”

Hall also expressed his delight at seeing the Magpies secure promotion to the Premier League, courtesy of their win against Sheffield United on Monday.

“The promotion is great news. I’m delighted for the team, delighted,” he said. “I went on Monday and watched them get promotion. It took me back to Grimsby, when we won promotion there. It was a great moment.

“Monday night took away some of the hardship I’ve felt since I was told about the cancer. It gave me a lift because I’m just a Newcastle fan at heart. It gave me a huge lift after having a tough time. I want to be around to see them back in the Premier League now.”

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