Obamacare and the vasectomy…Obamacare and the elderly male with prostate cancer? Reminds me of a urology joke…

success as a doctor? one group, one city and ....one wife.... jm

A guy goes to a urologist because of difficulty with sexual function. The urologist greets him and then escorts him to a room. ” My nurse will be in, in a moment.”

The attractive and provocatively dressed nurse enters the exam room, undresses the patient and then “does things to him.”

“Wow” the patient says. ” I guess everything is alright down there. Thanks very much.”

The doctor enters and says, ” The nurse says she has corrected the problem. I’ll see you again if the problem recurs.”

“Thanks doc.”

As they are leaving they pass another exam room with a glass window showing with about fifteen men all sitting around in a circle playing with themselves. The patient looks through the window and is intrigued.

“Doc. What are those men here to see you for?”

“Oh” the doctor says, “They are here for the same problem you are here for…except they have Obamacare!”

be careful what you wish for

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What’s good for the goose will be good for the gander. Vasectomies? The elderly with hip issues? The elderly with an elevated PSA? Cataracts?

Not a political comment, just don’t know. Just don’t know.

2 Replies to “Obamacare and the vasectomy…Obamacare and the elderly male with prostate cancer? Reminds me of a urology joke…”

  1. Do not get old as you’ll be left out to dry!!!!
    You will be on a waiting list and die before you get to see a specialist a la Canada!!!!!


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