Prostate Cancer Podcast-Frank Zappa and Prostate cancer and why it’s important.

it's trite but....i love "it is what it is."

 See the stick particles in her teeth and froth on her lips….her tired from chasing sticks and “chewin em.”

 Podcast thoughts on Frank Zappa and Prostate Cancer

2 Replies to “Prostate Cancer Podcast-Frank Zappa and Prostate cancer and why it’s important.”

  1. Hi
    I am wondering if you could give me a second opinion on my
    prostate cancer prognosis.
    Here are my stats:
    Age 50
    August 2008 PSA 17.2 with gleason score of 9, T3 tumor
    December 2008 radical prosectomy
    May 2009 beam radiation, after radiation PSA 0.12, six months later 0.33, then one month after that PSA was 1.1.
    October 2010 have started hormone therapy …Lupron 3 mos suspension. PSA numbers have dropped now to 0.05. How long can I expect the lupron to continue working? Also, should I stay on Lupron after it stops working, and what is my life expectancy? Thank you in advance for your opinion.



  2. Ken,
    I appreciate you valuing my opinion in your situation, however these questions are best discussed with your doctors. I might add that has a large volume of case studies that are similiar to yours that might give you insight. As I have always said in previous posts…it is very important that you have a urologist or oncologist that you trust and knows the specifics of your disease to evaluate the questions you have posed. I advise that you take their counsel. I wish you well. John McHugh


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