warning!!!/// newly diagnosed prostate cancer patient….to listen does not mean you have to heed….

Podbean thoughts on “sapping up” all you can from everyone before you make your “decision.”

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  1. My 45 year old husband was told by his gp that he should start having his dre’s and his psa level checked at 44. My husband’s father was told he had prostate cancer in his early 70’s. He had bracytherapy (probably spelling it wrong). He died of something else a few years back, not pc. Well last year my husband’s pca was 3.9 and the gp said nothing to us. I know that was high now. This year it was 4.9 so the gp called. My husband had a 10 core biopsy because the uro ran a free psa and It came back at 4.2. We will find out the results on Mon. 5./21 I’ts been about a week and a half since the biopsy. I so want everything to be ok, but even if the biopsy comes back ok, why would the free psa be so low. We have three small children and it’s hard to fathom this. He has had not one symptom,but the Uro said he has a slightly enlarged prostate which is nothing to worry about. Any encouragement is welcome.


    1. A free PSA is that percentage of the total PSA that is unbound. In your case if the 4.2 to which you refer is the free portion then it 4.2% of the total PSA. A low free psa indicates a slightly higher incidence of a positive biopsy. It is however only a tool in deciding whether to pursue a biopsy and is not definitive. My free psa was 5% and this prompted me to do a biopsy. I have had many patients with a free PSA which would indicated a higher posibility of a positive biopsy and the biopsy was okay. So the proof of the pudding is in the biopsy that you are waiting on and my thoughts are with that it will be negative. I hope this helped. PS…if you search the blog for “free PSA” I think I did a post on this subject in the past. jm pss.. a nurse I work with is from Maine…Bangor I think.


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