sex and prostate cancer…some caveats.

losers quit when they are quit when they win.

Common searches about sex that end up on my site and some other various tidbits for you…

  • Having sex the night before having a PSA drawn can elevate the value.
  • Having sex before the Prostatic Acid Phosphatase will probably elevate the value.
  • A rectal exam before having the PSA drawn will not elevate the value.
  • A rectal exam before a PAP will elevate the value.
  • You don’t get cancer if you have sex with a man with prostate cancer. (Good try ladies.)
  • Your libido doesn’t change (physiologically wise) after the prostate is removed.
  • Climax after radiation or radical prostatectomy still occurs but the character of which may change…for the better or worse.
  • In both radiation or prostatectomy the male’s climax… will be dry or no fluid.
  • You can have sex before a prostate biopsy.
  • You can have sex after a prostate biopsy…expect blood in the semen. It looks dramatic but is harmless. It will stop … in time.
  • If you have chosen radiation because you expect to “spare” your sexual function…think again and research again.
  • There is a bit of luck in being potent after “any” treatment of the prostate. Sorry proton guys…sorry robotic guys whose doctor said he “spared” the nerves.
  • You are infertile after treatment, not impotent.
  • You are less likely to preserve sexual function if your function is waning before treatment. i.e. the guy with a 10 function will do better than the one with a 6.

So…Pick your poison.

5 Replies to “sex and prostate cancer…some caveats.”

  1. The prostate gland is very protective of its spiderweb like bundle of nerves. Touch them, push them around with tools or radiation and they will be troublesome and may even remain so.


  2. How many follow studies have been done – to determine whether woman have contracted cancer of eg cervix – after have regular sex with someone with a positive prostate cancer biopsy


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