Chinese remedies for Prostate cancer? Why didn’t I think of that?

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What do you think about this “review” of my book by someone on Amazon?

An informative book if the reader is trying to decide between radiation or
surgery only. But if you want to explore other avenues like Hormone Therapy as
well as Traditional Chinese Medicine and other alternative modalities, there is
no info at all. This is strictly a prostate cancer surgeon talking about which
one of these treatment options he eventually chose.

The reviewer is right in some respects…my book is limited primarily to the two most common modalities of treating prostate cancer in the USA. This was the intent…take a very complicated decision and go about showing ways to arrive a decision that would be best for the individual taking into consideration the risks of each modality and the specifics of the prostate cancer.

It was not meant to be an “end all do all” but “an arrow in one’s quiver” and that is stated in the book.

Another thing it does is focus on the abnormal urinary symptoms inherent to each of the treatments and why that is important to consider in any prostate cancer treatment decision.

Well he gave me 3 stars and now I am below 5 stars…boo hoo hoo!

Can someone throw me a bone and if you found my book helpful write a review for amazon…but not for who you’d think?  The reviews I feel really do help the newly diagnosed prostate cancer in their journey to the decision that best suits them. Reviews tell the reader  a bit about the reviewer (this reviewer is an alternative medicine type) but issues that were important to him and this in turn clues the newly diagnosed patient into issues that may be relevant to them.

Finally, hormones are used not for cure and hence don’t have a role in the person making “the decision.” They are used occasionally by the radiation therapist as an adjunct but not as primary treatment option unless the disease is metastatic or the patient’s underlying health dictates its use.

Don’t know much about Chinese remedies for prostate cancer.

2 Replies to “Chinese remedies for Prostate cancer? Why didn’t I think of that?”

  1. Here’s a bone for “the decision”
    I downloaded the book onto my new kindle a week ago and have read it twice whilst highlighting what I thought were the key elements.

    Once I have completed putting it together I will post my comments.

    After my second reading the intention of the book was clear and precise.

    Having lived with non bony metatstatic prostate cancer for almost 6 years during which time I have met many men and their families who like me were on the edge of a precipice with no knowledge of prostate cancer (I was a mere roller coaster designer why should I need to know about a gland I couldnt see or feel) yet I was having to make a treatment/no treatment decision!

    How I wish I had the information that I now have from reading ‘The Decision’.

    Of course everyone is entitled to explore all avenues they believe may lead them to a cure in much the same way people find their God.

    As the book says Prostate cancer treatment is not a ‘one size’ fits all in fact personal choice plays a massive part.

    I will certainly be adding a comment on Amazon.

    Perhaps you might consider writing a book about Active Surveillance, its sometimes called doing NOTHING but I know its far from doing nothing.


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    1. thanks so much….it means a lot considering what you have been through and what you have done for others in this disease. sometimes patients are the biased ones…thinking that their caregivers are always biased…anyway thanks for the “bone.” jm

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