Prostate cancer questions?….there’s an app for that! Northeast Georgia urologist launches prostate cancer decision-making app – ProstateMd.

You can't turn back the clock. But you can wind it up again. - Bonnie Prudden

ProstateMd in the Itunes app store

I know what you are thinking….I shouldn’t have used Penelope as the background of the app…well…that’s what makes me different….irreverent informative prostate cancer stuff with an edge and a bit of humor…..

Well…a few months ago a friend of mine, well kinda sorta of a friend….I hate people and most insects….recommended that I have an app for prostate decision making.

I thought what good would that do? Here’s the deal. I eat lunch behind my ambulatory surgery center every day I can and listen to the radio and read stuff on my iphone. In other words there are those of us that are in certain areas without a computer and but want to do computer stuff.

Look around you…folks all around are looking at their phones in lines at the grocery store, on benches, in the waiting room, in the exam room and most commonly…while you are talking to them.

So…a prostate cancer decision-making app for those folks.

No market for a prostate cancer app you protest especially since all the talk that the PSA is a bad ole nasty test and the urologists recommending them are money hungry charlatans!

Well…16% of american men have it, I think that is one in six and that represents 250,000 new cases a year.  That is, I’d say, a reasonable market for the app.

I went on the App store and guess what? Not much there on the subject of prostate cancer.

So…I am putting a “boat load of info” on this app. The app service I have allows me to update seamlessly and in real-time. So today I uploaded all the treatment methods out there and my take on it. Good stuff…and the app allows the user to send as email, or post to Facebook or twitter. So if you purchase the app and want to help a friend who has been recently diagnosed….well…..


Finally, I plan to set up a reward program for the “Best comment or question of the week.” If someone submits an issue and I use it as a post or for something on the app…I’ll autograph a book and send it out free of charge once a week. Not to shabby…huh?

I really think the best function of this app is access to info while one is on the run and would not otherwise get all this info in one place. Just like me behind my surgery center at lunch.

I hope it will help someone who otherwise would not have taken the time to learn about this tricky disease.

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