Fifty biopsies of the prostate and elevated psa but no cancer…testosterone and prostate cancer.

first understand then to be understood

Good Day to you

Dr John – you have the best worlds – Fishing (I love it too) Dogs, old cars, a good wife, Canning and Humor! Today my husband went and had his PSA, and Tersterone levels drawn for his appointment with his urologist next Wednesday the 10th, I haven’t commented on last month’s or the month before because I was too nervous about out Cancer doctor appointment 2 months ago, He told my husband to get off Androgel as it causes cancer cells to grow (my husband had Hodgkins CA last year went thru chemo and radiation) and has enlarged prostrate and had 54 biopies – all cancer free and is taking adderall along with the androgel – he was a raving crazy man until 3 days ago? I think his testerone kicked in? He still is tired, hot, itchy, and doesn’t eat much, along with his labs off, but I can not think about it anymore. I tried to get him to change urologist, call the doctor and change the androgel to another medication as advised by our cancer doctor and then I said to myself I have to give it to God, as its driving me crazy. So I week to go, his PSA was 3 yrs ago 7.59. then last year 12.9, and earlier this year 10.8 and now we are seeing him 3 months later. Do you have any comments or ideas Dr John ?; )

If there was something I did not address feel free to let me know and I’ll do an addendum.



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