Removing the prostate for cancer by the cyberknife…did a patient really say that?


I occasionally respond to questions asked on the various message boards and one comment caught my eye this past week. The person on this particular board announced, ” I have decided to have my prostate removed with the cyberknife.” That’s some pretty effective marketing Harry!

CyberKnife to me sounds like you are cutting something. That it is ” robotically” controlled makes me think it may be something like a robotic prostatectomy.  Proton therapy sounds different from radiation therapy. Is it? ProstatRicision sounds to me like something is being cut. “Radiosurgically treating something seems to me that if you use the word “surgical” that there must be some sort of cutting going on. Using a robot to move the laparoscopic instruments to remove a prostate doesn’t seem much different from if a person was holding the laparoscopic instruments. (Whether the robot, the person using the laparoscopic instruments, or for that matter a surgeon using a knife, the prostate is removed and the consequence of that is the same regardless how or what or who takes out the prostate.) What’s a patient to do?

CyberKnife is radiation, to my knowledge there is no knife. A robotic arm guides the radiation treatment. CyberKnife robotic radiosurgery? What?

ProstaRicision is radiation. I don’t know what Ricision means….it sounds like excision, which is what surgery does.

I think protons are what are in radiation…I don’t know but I think it is just another form of radiation. To the proton therapy folks, at least they don’t make it sound like surgery.

The cartoon that I made about ” The robot got my prostate” is a sarcastic spoof about misunderstandings and myths regarding the DaVinci robot.

So……, take counsel in your urologist, radiation therapist, friends and family and make a decision that is right for you and for the right reasons. Don’t let the “marketization” of prostate cancer lead you down the wrong path.

In the horse race that is prostate cancer…..based on the above the surgical removal of the prostate by a surgeon utilizing the DaVinci Robot must be in the lead…..otherwise all of the other treatments would not be “implying” that there is surgery involved. And of course always remember….if a doctor, ad, website mentions cure…be wary.

One other thing….all the commercials and brochures have some guy bragging that he is back playing golf  soon after a particular therapy. The rubber meets the road long after the initial treatment of prostate cancer.

 In essence, from a perspective of the long-view, how someone is doing in the first two weeks of therapy is meaningless in the management of prostate cancer.

Oh… don’t follow?  You have homework to do.

CyberKnife Treatment For Prostate Cancer

04 Sep 2010

CyberKnife radiosurgery treatment for prostate cancer is rapid, effective and has no side effects, with the added benefit of being non-invasive. Since 2003, the CyberKnife Center of Miami and the CyberKnife Center of Palm Beach have been providing this high tech cancer treatment longer than any facility in South Florida.

Prostate Cancer is diagnosed in more than a quarter of a million men each year in the U.S. Treatment options in existence which are non-invasive with little to no side effects are practically none. CyberKnife treatment for prostate cancer as discussed in this video by James G. Schwade, M.D. executive director and Richard Boxer, M.D. provides an effective treatment overview. The CyberKnife treatment literally kills the cancer cells with a precisely targeted beam of radiation that does not affect surrounding tissue or organs.

CyberKnife Treatment requires:

– No incision

– No blood

– No anesthesia

– No pain

– No recovery or rehabilitation time

According to one prostate patient recently treated Mr. Lane Crosby of Florida, “My friends were all mad that I could go out and play golf and they couldn’t after their prostate cancer treatments.” Crosby was treated in Palm Beach Gardens in 5 treatments at the CyberKnife Center of Palm Beach.

Incorporating a compact, lightweight linear accelerator mounted on a robotic arm, the CyberKnife provides unparalleled flexibility in targeting tumors and lesions. Advanced image guidance technology tracks patient and target position during treatment, ensuring sub millimeter accuracy. The CyberKnife with its Dynamic Tracking Software is cleared by the FDA to provide radiosurgery for lesions anywhere in the body when radiation treatment is indicated. The CyberKnife has often been used to radiosurgically treat otherwise untreatable tumors or inoperable tumors. The system treats tumors at body sites unreachable by other stereotactic systems.

Source: CyberKnife

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