An apple a day will keep the prostate cancer away!

What will they throw money at next to show that it causes prostate cancer?
What will they throw money at next to show that it causes prostate cancer?

Just before this article there was one on fried foods, then eating walnuts and then and then and then and then……

Let’s spend $100,000 on masturbation and prostate cancer and oh by the way defund  paying for PSA’s-it’s not cost effective.


Prostate Cancer Progression May Be Prevented By A High Fiber Diet

11 Jan 2013

A high-fiber diet may have the clinical potential to control the progression of prostate cancer in patients diagnosed in early stages of the disease.

The rate of prostate cancer occurrence in Asian cultures is similar to the rate in Western cultures, but in the West, prostate cancer tends to progress, whereas in Asian cultures it does not. Why? A University of Colorado Cancer Center study published in the January 2013 issue of the journal Cancer Prevention Research shows that the answer may be a high-fiber diet. The research provides the cover image of this month’s issue of the journal.

The study compared mice fed with of inositol hexaphosphate (IP6), a major component of high-fiber diets, to control mice that were not. Then the study used MRI to monitor the progression of prostate cancer in these models.

“The study’s results were really rather profound. We saw dramatically reduced tumor volumes, primarily due to the anti-angiogenic effects of IP6,” says Komal Raina, PhD, research instructor at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, working in the lab of CU Cancer Center investigator and School of Pharmacy faculty member, Rajesh Agarwal, PhD.

Basically, feeding with the active ingredient of a high-fiber diet kept prostate tumors from making the new blood vessels they needed to supply themselves with energy. Without this energy, prostate cancer couldn’t grow. Likewise, treatment with IP6 slowed the rate at which prostate cancers metabolized glucose.

Possible mechanisms for the effect of IP6 against metabolism include a reduction in a protein called GLUT-4, which is instrumental in transporting glucose.

“Researchers have long been looking for genetic variations between Asian and Western peoples that could explain the difference in prostate cancer progression rates, but now it seems as if the difference may not be genetic but dietary. Asian cultures get IP6 whereas Western cultures generally do not,” Raina says.

2 Replies to “An apple a day will keep the prostate cancer away!”

  1. Hello! My grandfather died of prostate cancer last year, and I feared that my dad will be suffering the same thing on his age now. He is turning 58 this year, and he was so concerned of about the possibility of prostate cancer. He usually drink a lot of soda, but also eat fruits like orange, banana and papaya.

    But I don’t see him eat an apple after breakfast, lunch or dinner. Maybe I could suggest to him about eating apples, to prevent him from suffering prostate cancer, just like my grandpa. Thank you so much for this!




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