When it comes to robotic prostatectomy for prostate cancer…don’t confuse short term results with long term follow up…

got my feet in the sand and eyes to the sky....put on Sinatra and start to cry
got my feet in the sand and eyes to the sky….put on Sinatra and start to cry

Conversation between post robotic prostatectomy patient and friend:

“So Bill how’s it going. I understand you’ve had your prostate removed by the robot.”

Bill: ” It’s great. Small incisions, very little pain, out of the hospital in a day and already driving. It’s amazing.”

Friend: “So you doing good with the leaking and sex part?”


4 Replies to “When it comes to robotic prostatectomy for prostate cancer…don’t confuse short term results with long term follow up…”

  1. And did the SURGEON tell you before hand that your pee is held tight inside your bladder by the Bladder Neck Sphincter? Look it up in Greys Anatomy. It is real, it is NOT the prostate and it is NOT inside the prostate! Your bladder neck sphincter is completely controlled by your involuntary muscles and only the brain tells it to open up when you are full of pee. And did he tell you that he will cut those muscles out of you along with the prostate and your bladder will NEVER be able to hold pee inside ever again. Your pee will flow on down to your secondary sphincter the one you can tighten and release when ever you want, but that it was never designed to hold all your pee inside you? Did he tell you most all men are incontinent the rest of your life after surgical prostatectomy? I had it done and by the robot too. Now I know the truth 3 years after surgery. Disgustingly wet all the time, wear diaper pads in underwear during the day, wear wet diapers at night. Yep never a word about this. Oh and you must keep a diaper pail special just for all your diapers each week. Nope did he tell you this? And if you walk aroud the house with nothing on, you drip pee ever where. Did your Doctor tell you your wife will not like to play with a dripping pee penis? It turns her off. Yep, but did Doc TELL you that you need to consider that fact? No? Really? Doc forgot to help you know the truth of outcomes? Oh it is so fun. Thank you Doctor. We all MUST stop believing the car salesman selling us stuff. You will pee, they cut out your bladder neck sphincter and they HOPE you got SOME control with your secondary back up sphincter may help. I tell you the truth here. I get no money from doing surgery. Honestly guys, you would not believe how all of the truth about your insides is with held from you and then they MANAGE your disabilities after the fact and expect you to be ok with it. Come here, NW of Chicago and I will show you the reality of modern robotic prostatectomy surgery outcomes. And they tell you nothing before surgery of what you really want to know of what life is like AFTER their special new robotic surgery. Truth. No doctor can gloss over this and try to brush off the truth I tell you of all the men who suffer with being lied to before surgery.


  2. Yep. I went straight to the ultimate source, the doctors. Tried to get the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Yep, I paid Three Urology specialists, (three surgeons it turns out) to tell me everything about what is on the ‘other side’ of early prostate cancer removal surgery, the “Gold Standard”. Paid two of them for multiple visits, multiple prolonged visits and my wife was there every second of every long meeting of our discovery truth seeking quest. We were indeed diligently seeking the whole story. Does a patient need 22 different doctors and 41 different visits to find out the whole story? Would not 3 specialists and 5, 6 or 7 visits be more than enough?Not a word about any of this from the ultimate urology experts we paid to get the real information straight from the ones who know everything about the topic. Even told every one of them every time, I will not live a joke of a life just to stay alive. That won’t happen to you nowadays with our new special surgery with the new Robot was the reply. There is no real reason to not have a prostatectomy we were told. So now what about erections? Yeah right. Mr. Patient you will go from rock hard any day any time, any where, as long as you want, (and lots of times when you don’t want them) and even right before surgery (yep 3 hours before surgery before the hospital was the last time ever for erections) to an after prostatectomy condition of NOPE, not anymore, take some pills. $30 a piece! Only 8-10 times a month is allowed dosage? Really? Last time we kept track we had sexual intercourse over 260 times a year. We had no idea what out number was so we tried to keep track. And we had to quit keeping track it was too hard to remember so we actually had lots more fun than 260 times a year. Take pills? Thats $3,600 dollasrs a year! But what about our sex life we had every day? Take some pills my patient. But we learn Pills wont work if you have no nerves functioning properly due to poor surgery. So lets stick this needle in your penis and give you an erection with trimix it wont hurt. Like heck it wont hurt. Hurts like all get out.
    Most men are wet with pee after prostatectomy and most men are never again able to retain pee because the surgeon cut out your bladder neck sphincter and most men wear pads and diapers. Many wear lots of pads and diapers a day and some men wear but a few. Most men will never have a real erection like they did 3 hours before surgery. Most men live a life of failure but we are still living after prostatectomy.
    I told all my experts that I will not live a joke of a life, and if surgery leaves me a joke of an existence with out my same function I will not do that course of treatment. Had I gotten the whole story, the whole truth from these specialists, I would have said HECK NO to Surgery from these specialists. Men need to hear the truth of how you come out on the other side of prostatectomy. I make no money from any surgery I only live a joke of a live due to poor surgery and pre-surgery withholding of the whole complete truth about every detail of life after their special new surgery. It is that simple. I have no knowledge about this surgeon. I only know about the ones I paid to get information from about this special treatment. I did not know anything about the topic before I got an 8psa test result @ 56 years of age, 3 1/2 years ago.


  3. I am not being critical of Mr. Carson who has had an obviously poor result. However, there is a Bell curve for everything — every procedure and every surgeon — and in marked contradistinction to Mr. Carson others do fall as far to the “good” side of the curve as he’s fallen to the bad side. Fortunately, most fall more to the middle and are much more satisfied than he is. Also, given his relatively young age and VERY active sex life, perhaps other modalities of treatment would have been better, but then again, perhaps his survival rate would not have been as good. Who knows? It is simply not a perfect world — individual biological variability always affects outcomes — and I just don’t think specific blame in Mr. Carson’s case should so squarely be placed on the surgeon’s shoulders.


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