2 Replies to “Only three ways to treat prostate cancer”

  1. Basically, those are the three options. However, realistically, very few who choose the first option do absolutely nothing. I feel quite certain diet and lifestyle modification (i.e. exercise, yoga etc.) routinely factor into the “nothing” equation, and at least provide more mental comfort to those with a cancer diagnosis than doing nothing, period. To what degree popular holistic/alternative treatments really effect the progression of disease is most likely multifactorial; meaning although some alternative therapies might have a positive (or negative) effect on certain tumor types, little hard evidence can be found to support such claims, and most patients are on their own when swimming in these waters. If real knowledge was possible in this area these treatments would no longer be called “alternative.” But my real point is to not overlook the fact that simply doing “something,” even if not surgery or radiation, can provide much comfort to any patient dealing with a scary diagnosis.


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