Northeast Georgia Urologist is “Gettin Nuttin for Christmas.”

“Nuttin for Christmas” performed by Dr. John McHugh.

How did I do it?  Recorded to Karaoke in normal voice and then increased the pitch. This opens up a whole new ballgame my friend! Watch out Chipmunks!

Nuttin’ for Christmas” (also known as Nothing for Christmas) is a novelty Christmas song written by Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennett. It became a hit during the 1955 Christmas season when the song showed up on Billboard’s pop charts by a total of five different artists. The highest-charting of the five recordings was released by Art Mooney and His Orchestra, with seven-year-old Barry Gordon as lead vocalist; this version peaked at #6 and became a million-seller. Another notable version was performed by Stan Freberg (with Daws Butler appearing as a burglar helped by the kid at the end). Other charting versions were recorded by The Fontane Sisters, Joe Ward, and Ricky Zahnd and the Blue Jeaners.

The song was revived on the Big Top label by Kenny and Corky and hit the Cashbox Top 100 in 1959.[1]

Other artists who have recorded the song include Eartha Kitt, Homer and Jethro, Relient K, Smash Mouth (featuring Rosie O’Donnell), Sugarland, and The Vindictives. The most recent cover was released in November, 2011 by The Plain White T’s.

In 2009, Rap artist Tony Yayo sampled the original track on his mixtape The Swine Flu on a track titled “Somebody Snitched On Me” as a diss track for the rap artist Rick Ross.

Somebody snitched on me!!!

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