Medical treatment decision making: The risk.


Remember there is risk in doing something (Is the treatment worse than the cure?) and there is risk in doing nothing. Your job is to recognize both before deciding on a treatment for any medical condition particularly prostate cancer.

One Reply to “Medical treatment decision making: The risk.”

  1. Your timing is impeccable. I’m at my first real postoperative decision point (I received a non-nerve sparing robotic prostatectomy in November, 2012) since my surgery. I had a high concentration of Gleason 9 cancer, though contained within the margins, generated non Zero PSA numbers after that event. I got off Lupron in September (after watching my PSA drop (from .18 to .09) because I did not like the side effects. My last numbers showed a increase to 0.6 (no surprise just some disappointment), so now I’m looking into Radio Therapy (IMRT) or Proton Salvage Therapy.

    Your comments always seem to hit the right spot.

    I’ll keep in touch. jack kean Arlington, Texas


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