Samuel Cooper’s “Chole’s Eyes” soon to be released on Tree House

Picture 303

Chloe’s Eyes


you’re gunna find her in a field

probably over by a lake

sniffing underneath a bush

life could never be so straight


now she’s in the city streets

what i call my city girl

panting in this goddamn heat

before we leave she starts to twirl


chloe’s eyes

they dont tell

what is wrong

but she know she ain’t home


yes she meets me right outside

shakes it off at the front door

making sure the coast is clear

before she sleeps on my tile floor


we’re using hands as pillows now

we throw it right back on the shelf

she wouldn’t use us anyway

if we tried to give our help


chloe’s eyes

they dont tell

what is wrong

but she know she ain’t home 

My youngest son Sam needed my help moving to another apartment in Savannah several years ago, so Chloe and I went down to assist in the moving and bring excess furniture back. I should have never fell for it. Once Chloe was exposed to the smells of all those old parks in Savannah, she longed to return. Since Sam was to be living by himself, it was a natural fit for Chloe to move to Savannah. When I started The Decision there was no such thing as our other dog, Penelope. Chloe and Penelope became close friends, my wife and I fell in love with the Lab, and that’s when my son strategically asked,”Can Chole come to visit me in Savannah? She can stay with me until I come home for my birthday.” That was about the last we’d see of the Chlomiester for about three months. “She loves long walks on the beach at Hilton Head”, he tells us. “Girls love her”, he tells us. Meanwhile all of our attention was directed at the Pompie and we didn’t know if we would  ever get Chloe back or for that matter, if Chloe will ever want to come back. So…all the stuff I was doing with Chloe in the book, I begam now doing with Peppi; a Chloe clone so to speak.

Sam is now in Brooklyn and the song below will be on a forthcoming album,  “Tree house.”

It starts with Chloe here at the lake in Gainesville and then in Savannah and the realization that as much as Chloe loved Sam and the 200 year old smells of Savannah, Chloe missed home.

Pretty pretty damn good my friend!

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