high psa and normal prostate biopsy-what does that mean? well that you don’t have prostate cancer…maybe.

Prostate Diaries

The subjects which people search for and then ultimately end up on this blog are very informative.  Castrasted monks is a popular one. Another is prostate  humor and famous people with prostate cancer. I have addressed these previously.

The issue of a man being told his PSA is high and then he has a biopsy that does not show cancer is also commonly searched. “High PSA negative biopsy.”  What does this mean? Does it mean that you had a unecessary biopsy or that the PSA is a terrible test, or that your urologist subjected to torture for monetary gain  alone?

Well, it means that for some reason you produce more PSA than the “average bear.” (That’s Yogi speak.) The chances are that your particular PSA is the norm for you and that you will never develop prostate cancer. If you were my patient, however, I’d advise a twice  a year…

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