Moishe Rosen’s (1932-2010) perspective on terminal prostate cancer one year ago-poignant

Adversity an opportunity?

Prostate Diaries

I remember the things  that went through my head when the realization that I had prostate cancer took hold. For me the toughest part was waiting on the biopsy and wondering if I had the “bad” kind. I now refer to that as the Frank Zappa kind. Then there was the part of knowing I had a ” reasonable kind” and the emotional journey that that entailed. Telling people you love, how to tell associates, when to tell friends and patients. After the diagnosis all the stuff is set in motion to deal with the problem and arranging for all the details. What to do, who to do it, where, when? It helps in a way, to get your mind off the problem. It moves from ” I have cancer ” to ” what am I going to do about it ” and that in away helps one move on and is a bit…

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