Tops posts on prostate cancer 2014

My biopsy experience


Home page / Archives 26,127
the dreaded prostate biopsy revealed 10,367
holy bloody mess batman!….the bleeding scrotum capo…i mean caper…tmi? 10,152
When is a prostate nodule a nodule and do nodules always mean prostate cancer? 9,017
My bladder spasm experience 3,630
Five men-Five stories-Five deicisions about what to do about one’s prostate cancer 3,527
“But I had radiation for my prostate cancer over 5 years ago!” Blood and clots in the urine after radiation for prostate cancer. 3,250
Can you get cancer from having sex with a man who has prostate cancer?…Part Two-response to a comment. 2,920
Reed’s prostate cancer journey process 2,558
If an elevated PSA goes down after antibiotics does that mean you don’t have prostate cancer? 2,537
high psa and normal prostate biopsy-what does that mean? well that you don’t have prostate cancer…maybe. 2,253
Wives/partners 2,070
Incontinence after prostate cancer surgery-It will probably be the wife buying the diapers 1,796
Flooding around my catheter, blood around my catheter after a radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer 1,583
How I as a urologist made my “Decision.” 1,546
Prostate Diaries 1,529
Question: Urine leaks around catheter after prostatectomy. Is this normal? 1,479
Prostate cartoons 1,436
“Decision” Process 1,231
My letter to the New York Times in regards to Richard Albin discoverer of PSA-(Not accepted) 1,131
McHugh Decision Worksheet 1,020

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