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Prostate Diaries

When we go to the lake the first order of business is to divide a can of chunky Alpo between Chloe and Penelope. Penelope first and Chloe sweet as she is then walks around behind me and waits for the second portion after Penelope begins. The the two dog begin their routine. For Penelope it is run as fast as she can over the whole property to “russel up” either a squirrel or a deer. Chloe slowly ambles to the cove in the left hand corner facing out to her spot.

Chest deep in the water and then begins to bite at the water and drinking at the same time. Wades around dipping and biting but never going completely under or swimming. Then out and up into the grass to shake and then to wriggle on her back for a nice back rub. Then to the top of the grassy area to a…

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eunuch monks don’t get prostate cancer- bald and infertile men

Prostate Diaries

First earlier this month were prostate cancer articles about men that are bald are less likely to get prostate cancer. Now this, if a man is infertile, he is more likely to have the aggressive type of prostate cancer. To me it is as if these various researchers start with an interesting topic for a study, something that will catch the eye and be reported on by the media and the reader, then do the study from there. In other words a “tail wagging the dog” technique. Here is what we do know. If a man does not have testosterone circulating then he is unlikely to develop prostate cancer.  There is  baldness and sex-linked male baldness. Infertility is about not having sperm and is not related to the male’s production of testosterone. So, what other than a headline, do these studies accomplish? It has always interested me how someone studied castrated…

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if prostate cancer don’t get me maybe the van will…..scrubs for penelope?

I sold the van and if you do what someone tells you to do without research on your part… You’ve been sold down the proverbial river!

Prostate Diaries

So I am out at the lake with my dogs and my daughter’s dog Brother and my wife has just left after we had the most delightful time eating Blimpie’s stuff and letting the dogs run along the shore of Lake Lanier because it is down so much because we feed Atlanta and Alabama at the expense of us having a low pool lake. But that’s another matter.

My son Sam usurped my 96 Chrysler van for a road trip for his band, Sunglasses, and the van has been sitting out at the lake now for about two months. After my wife left I decided to fire it up and put the dogs in the back and go fill it up with gas and get some Alpo, water, and beer. So because my son had taken out the back two seats  the van was all set to got and the…

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