watch out dr oz and live rectal exams…live prostate biopsies on patients doing impersonations. Which do you like the best? Please comment.

Talk about a calm biopsy!

Prostate Diaries

A couple of days ago, on a most interesting patient, I performed a prostate biopsy. As we got started it came up that he enjoyed doing impersonations, ” I particularly like doing Australians,” he said. As I was performing the prostate block and with the patient now on his left side I say,” Do some if you don’t mind.” He had taken a pain pill and a sedative I had given him before the procedure and with the addition of the prostate block he was having very little discomfort. At this point he does Russians, Australians, Roger Moore, and all sorts of neat snippets of movie and cartoon characters. ” I think the favorite of the girls I work with is a baby crying,” he said and then proceeds to do that to perfection. It was perfect and the pitch so high it was hard to imagine how he did…

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