Prostate cancer question: Describe significant PSA pre and post prostatectomy,nanoknife,proton beam,HIFU,radiation therapy.

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This was a comment/question a few days ago….this issue is confusing  but I think I can simplify it-here goes.

  • The ongoing debate about the PSA has to do with pretreatment decision-making. The PSA is often times elevated before the diagnosis of prostate cancer is made for many reasons other than prostate cancer. So some want to “throw the baby out with the bath water.” If you come into my office and you are referred to me for an elevated PSA (anything higher than 4) a couple of things could happen. I might repeat it, I might give an antibiotic and repeat the PSA several weeks later, or if on rectal exam there is an abnormality-I would recommend a biopsy then without repeating the PSA (the rectal exam trumps the PSA if the prostate feels abnormal.)
  • If the PSA is elevated pre diagnosis (by this I mean at this point we don’t…

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