How a urologist decided what to do after being told he had prostate cancer.

Now it ain’t about being a urologist!

Prostate Diaries

Factors that a urologist with prostate cancer used to make his ” Decision.”

I am not advising that you make the decision I did. (That is the difference between this book and many others about prostate cancer.) I am advising that you make your decision the way that I did. It has to be done based on things and factors specific to only you. I know, I know, I am a surgeon and you think I am biased toward surgery. Well, you are wrong. I am biased toward surgery in a certain subset of the prostate cancer patients, namely someone with the ” who are you” factors similiar to mine, but not regarding the management of prostate cancer across the board.

I do not have ” a dog in this fight.”  Use my system and McHugh Decision Cheat-sheat to help you clarify your decision and share with others to help them.

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